Monday, October 18, 2010

Top 10 Conservative Idiots: October 18, 2010

Another Monday, more idiots!*  I'm going to be sad when Democratic Underground's run of this column comes to an end after the election. Something tells me, there is still going to be a lot to talk about after November 2. Hopefully, they'll do the column for at least a week after. In the meantime, enjoy!


The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 384

October 18, 2010
Hello Nazi Edition

This week Rich Iott (1) goosesteps his way into the top slot, while Blake Farenholt (4) becomes the latest Republican candidate to be photographed wearing something he probably shouldn't have. Elsewhere, it's just like old times -- we've got both Dick Cheney (2) and George W. Bush (7) on the list this week! . . .

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*EDITOR'S NOTE: Greenlee Gazette does not contend that all conservatives are idiots. Merely that many prominent conservatives are idiots, as this column regularly confirms. So, please, no offense is intended to those of my friends and family who are themselves conservative. In other words, present company excluded!


  1. Iott is just a history nut nerd who plays war games. He has also played in other war re-enactments. Would you say that the guy who played Rolf in the Sound of Music (my favorite movie all time) supports NAZI's? Of course not.
    and no offense taken.

  2. No, I wouldn't equate an actor playing a role in a movie or play to a guy who likes to play "dress up" as a Nazi for years at a stretch. If you're career trajectory is to go into politics, it's probably best to steer clear of that kind of thing. But if Iott had been dressed up as part of a "Sound of Music" revival, there would be no scandal.


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