Monday, October 18, 2010

Today in GOP Hypocrisy

Image from source, Think Progress
I've never heard of this guy, and he's a local politician from Georgia, far away from my state of Nevada. But I simply couldn't resist the headline.  It's kind of like that Carl Paladino guy in New York, ranting against gay people, while having been a landlord for a couple of gay bars.


GOP Legislator Who Crusaded Against College Sex Ed Classes Owns Company That Sells Kinky Sex Gadgets

In the winter of 2009, Georgia state legislator Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Canton) led a high-profile campaign against the teaching of public university courses that dealt with sexual health and related topics. Hill was joined by a small cadre of other conservatives who sought to end the teaching of courses dealing with topics such as male prostitution and gay history, and some of his acolytes even called for firing professors who taught these courses. Hill even appeared on CNN and boasted about an award he received for leading the battle to shut down courses dealing with sexuality. . .
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