Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does Sharron Angle Have a Mini-Me?

Image from source, 8NewsNow
It's strange this campaign season how so many conservative candidates are skipping out on any press event that might be unfriendly to him. How many have we seen dodging reporters, ignoring questions, only appearing on FOX "News" or right-wing talk radio?  When they do land in unfriendly territory, they filibuster the interviewer, and get indignant when asked questions they are uncomfortable answering. In any previous election, this sort of tactic just didn't play well. This time? They all seem to be getting away with it.  But maybe Nevada's Sharron Angle has a different reason?


Commentary: Two for the Price of One?

. . .Some call the move pathetic. Others say it’s ingenious. But, I think it explains everything. Sharron Angle tipped her hand. Nobody realizes she pulled back the curtain. She exposed the truth, and the truth has set her free.

That was no decoy. Sharron Angle has a clone. . .

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  1. She is kicking Harry's butt!

    That's why SEIU had to 'preloaded' the election machines to all vote for Harry.

    Stealing elections has 'unintended consequences'.
    Buckle up.


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