Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shooter Saw Glenn Beck as "School Teacher"

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Over the years, there have been a lot of accusations that popular media leads to crime.  Violent video games cause violent behavior. Killers pattern their crimes after horror movies. Rapists are inspired by the images they see in pornography. I've always had an instinctive recoil from such claims. You can't make all media "safe" for the entire public at large, tailoring the product to avoid provoking the nuts.

So, it's with mixed emotions that I read a story like this. On one hand, you have Glenn Beck--on what is ostensibly a news channel--pontificating about "what they're not telling you." He's spinning conspiracy theories, drawing wild conclusions, all in the manner of a friendly (if kooky) teacher or professor, complete with chalkboard.  On the other hand, you can't blame him for the conspiracy minded folks who take him literally. Or can you?  It's kind of like saying cigarettes were used the wrong way when they killed somebody.  Who are these conspiracy theories for if not the people susceptible to them?  There is inflaming passions, and then there is inciting violence. Which is Beck doing?


California shooter says he saw Glenn Beck as ‘schoolteacher’

The 45-year-old "highway shooter" who engaged in a 12-minute shootout with California Highway Patrol officers earlier this year now says Fox News host Glenn Beck has been an inspiration for his activity. . .

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