Saturday, October 23, 2010

Las Vegas City Life Endorses Harry Reid

Image from source, Las Vegas City Life
It's difficult to imagine that there are still "undecided" voters in Nevada regarding the Senate race between incumbant Majority Leader Harry Reid, and tea party favorite, Sharron Angle.  As anyone who follows politics knows, the race is one of the most heated in the country.  Reid has been demonized by the right-wing talk shows and FOX "News" for years now, and regardless of his performance, would have been anyway by virtue of his job title.  He's hardly the demon they portray him to be, and his relative unpopularity is not uniform.  Conservatives dislike Reid because they think he's an extremist liberal (Marxist, Maoist, Statist, etc., etc.). Liberals are down on him because they don't think he's progressive enough.

Sharron Angle on the other hand is very clearly an extremist, though she's watered down her position statements since she won the Republican endorsement.  Support for Angle is split, consisting of the 20-25% of the population who thought George W. Bush did a heckuva job (tea baggers, in other words), and people who simply hate Reid, and would vote for any opponent. 

If there truly are any undecideds left out there, they could do themselves a favor by reading Las Vegas City Life's endorsement of Reid. It's an honest look at his accomplishments, as well as his flaws. But it's also a scathing rebuke of Angle, that also has the virtue of being true. 


Regardless of the name-calling, it's clear which senator will (continue to) support Nevada in office

There's simply no contest.  In the race for United States Senate pitting Democratic incumbent Harry Reid against Republican former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, the choice is unmistakably clear:  Harry Reid deserves to be re-elected. . .

Sharron Angle has demonstrated she's unfit to serve in the Senate in myriad ways, but none so devastating as this: Her manifest indifference to human suffering. That flaw alone is disqualifying. . .

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