Saturday, October 23, 2010

Huge Weather Penis Threatens Southwest!

Couldn't resist.

Source: Gawker


  1. Cool banner last week, and now great Halloween skulls in the margins! Well done.

    Are those perhaps the skulls of those killed by collectivism in the 20th Century?

    Yet another reminder that the collective always resorts to killing those they cannot enslave, those who will not submit.

    How dare people yearn to be free?!
    How dare they keep the fruits of their own labor?!

    Or are those the skulls of communist tyrannts we Americans killed in the 20th Century, and their 'inner party' friends and enablers and kleptocrats and secret police and media propogandists and 'workers party' enforcers?

    Cool skulls.
    Good reminder of what confronts us.

  2. Um, all I did was Google "skull wallpaper." Nothing more or less than Halloween decorations. I bet you're a BLAST at parties.

  3. I wonder if the weatherman had a clue, especially since he was using greenscreen.

  4. Yeah, I've always wondered how they do that. They must be watching themselves in a monitor, but unless it's mirrored, it would be very difficult. In the video, the way he keeps--ahem--running his hand along the um, storm, he seems to know where it is. I'll bet he's having difficulty living it down.


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