Monday, October 11, 2010

Blast from the Past: Saturday Morning Cartoons of the 70s!

This week for my weekly Blast from the Past installment, I'm revisiting a theme I've used before. But the challenge for me is, to use kids shows I haven't used before. See how many you remember.

1. The Tom & Jerry Grape Ape Show - This show had several iterations, at one time including "Mumbly" and I'm sure, several others. I remember digging the theme song as a kid. Tom & Jerry as friends? Not as much.
2. The Mumbly Show - And speaking of Mumbly, this is apparently where the T&JGAS theme came from.
3. Speed Buggy - We'd watch anything in the 70s. At least we got Mel Blanc for Speed Buggy's voice.
4. The Krofft Supershow - Speed Buggy got ripped off as Wonder Bug in this live-action show. Also along were the dreadful Magic Mongo and Bigfoot & Wildboy. Oh, and Kaptain Kool & the Kongs (as bad as they sound).
5. Electra Woman & Dyna Girl - This was actually a segment from the above show, but is often remembered as its own show. It was a pretty clear copy of the 60s Batman, with a gender reversal.
6. SuperFriends - This was the DC Comics Justice League of America "simplified" for kids. It started out fairly juvenile, and season by season, got closer to the real deal. This is from "simple" year one, with Wendy, Marvin and WonderDog.
7. The Groovie Goolies - Weird. Very likely this was a pot dream come to life.
8. Fat Albert - This was always the last cartoon of the day, and even though it wasn't a favorite, we'd watch it anyway.

Happy Monday everybody!

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