Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Media Matters Says it's Time to Drop FOX "News"

Hear, hear.

Found at: Joe.My.God.


  1. Funny. Why do liberals hate Fox, other than it skewers the liberal point of view?
    I mean, you have everyone else, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC,CBS, NBC, BET, MTV, VH-1, most newspapers except the LVRJ, most local news and so much more. Why are the liberals afraid of one network?
    Besides, Media Matters petition won't work because Fox has a huge audience compared to everyone else. And audience equals money.

  2. Most of my problem with FOX "News" is that they are branded as news, when they're not. They're commentary, and quite right-wing commentary at that. Even their alleged "hard news" shows betray this bias. They're also "fair and balanced" by motto, but not deed. If it was called "FOX News & Opinion" and dropped the phony slogan, I'd be cool with it, mostly.

    MSNBC is liberally biased, at least in prime time. But they do also employ a conservative to host a show three hours per day. They don't have "news" anywhere in their name, and their slogan is "Lean Forward." Pretty much says it right there.

    As for the other alphabet soup networks, I disagree that they're substantially liberal-biased. I think that when a news story isn't tilted to the RIGHT, conservatives see it as liberal by default. Like Stephen Colbert said, "The truth has a well known liberal bias."

  3. Fox is left of center.
    Just not far enough left for the nutjobs.
    And they are still patriots, which the Libtards detest.
    More Dem patriots watch Fox news than CNN or the others.

    Now 'Media Matters' is a George Soros funded propaganda mouthpiece.
    Only party members pay attention, to get their talking points.

  4. FOX is left of center? That only shows how far the "center" has been drug to the right by the screaming tea party lunatics.

    As for Media Matters' ownership, 1) I don't find Soros to be the big evil that you do and 2) They feature transcripts and video clips. If you don't go for their commentary, you can check out the source. What could be more honest than that? As with any internet source, you read with a discerning eye. I know you want Soros to be a big bad bogeyman, but there are far, far worse ones out there.

    And Sofa? YOU don't get to decide who is and who is not patriotic.

  5. There is a difference between patriotism and nationalism. A patriot recognizes the flaws in his country, and works to fix them. A nationalist has a knee-jerk "We're Number 1!" attitude in the face of facts to the contrary.

  6. Fixing is in progress. Witness Nov 2nd.

  7. The biggest "fix" is when the Supreme Court appointed GWB to the presidency. Did that one bother you?

  8. Socialist vs Marxist.
    Wish they both could have lost. Instead, we all lost.
    But GWB did clearly win the vote thingy.
    Does reality bother you?

  9. Clearly? No, I don't believe that there was anything clear about it. Gore won by half a million votes. And for all of your consipiracy theories, you don't think there was something hinky in the 2000 or 2004 elections? Voting irregularities? Vote caging? Dirty tricks (the Brooks Brothers riot)? Were you complaining then?

    Throwing out words like socialist and Marxist sound ridiculous, you know. It's like the boy who cried "Hitler!". . .it's going to far, labelling extremism. It just isn't true. You have revealed yourself to be a fringe extremist in your comments, not far from a vagrant wearing a sandwich board reading "the end is nigh."

  10. Conspiracy? lol

    Using the dictionary definitions to draw distinctions between socialists and communists and facists-- means I've read a book and lived some history.

    Reality meets dictionary.
    Using words as they are defined is a distinctive feature of my 'western civilization'. Knowing what the definition of "is" is, for example.


    Unable to attack substantive truths, all that's left is name calling: "extremist", "fringe", "crazy", "conspiracy".


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