Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blast from the Past: Old Airline Commercials!

I'm married to a flight attendant, and over the years I've seen quite a few very charming bits of memorabilia from the airline industry. But you almost never see commercials for airlines anymore. Unless you watch business news, they just don't seem to advertise anymore. I'm old enough to remember some of the catchy jingles, so I thought it might make a good entry for Blast from the Past this week. Enjoy.

1. TWA - Remember when they used to feed you during the flight?
2. United Airlines - Fly the friendly skies!
3. Delta Airlines - It sometimes amazes me that some TV shows and movies from this time period (early 80s, in this case) can age fairly well, but that commercials are so incredibly dated.
4. Eastern Airlines - America's favorite way to fly? Apparently not. . .
5. Pan Am - When Pan Am went out of business, it was kind of a shock. There isn't an airline that stands out more in my mind in the 70s.
6. People Express - In the early 80s, this airline was born as a "no frills" bargain flier.
7. American Airlines - "Doing what we do best" is probably my best-remembered airline jingle. I think they were also "something special in the air."
8. National Airlines - Fly me!

Happy Monday everybody!

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