Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Creationist Bill in Missouri

C'mon, are they serious? When I was growing up (and I'm aware that was a while ago), there were certain things that were understood to be true. Like, child labor was bad. Unregulated, laissez faire  capitalism was bad. Combining church and state was bad. These weren't radical things, they were simply "social studies." And in science, we learned about evolution. Nobody made a big deal about it. Religious people manage to square it on Sunday with their Bibles. I, on the other hand, gravitated into the "non-believer" category.

But evolution wasn't denied by people openly, or at least not that I remember. Inherit the Wind, which chronicled the Scopes "Monkey" Trial was seen as a lesson from a less enlightened time. It was shown to us in school! Somewhere along the way, all of these "accepted" things have been seemingly coming undone. Newt Gingrich advocates forced child labor, at least for poor kids. Unregulated capitalism is championed by every single Republican candidate for president. And they're all in favor of combining church and state, going so far as to say they were never supposed to be separate in the first place! Evolution though, has been under attack going back a little longer.

As a heathen myself, I find the creationist and "intelligent design" stories to be greatly lacking as any kind of "theories." They are certainly not science. And they don't even answer the question! If a religionist is going to say that the universe is too complicated to have "just happened," how do they figure that inserting an all-powerful super-being into the story simplifies things? They've just inserted hugely complicated new step.


Missouri GOP Introduces Second Creationism Bill In State Legislature

As if one creationism bill wasn’t enough already, Missouri Republicans have introduced a second one in an attempt to force Christianity on schools one way or another. . . 

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