Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please Join Greenlee Gazette on Facebook & Twitter!

Since I started a Facebook page for Greenlee Gazette a few months ago, I've gotten into the habit of posting most everything from the main blog there, as well as almost as much original (Facebook only) content. This is because sharing on Facebook is quite a bit easier and faster than posting something to the blog. And then, links to everything show up on the Twitter feed.

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But, I need your help! Though I appreciate every "like" I've gotten so far, the total (counting me) so far is kind of scanty. My good friend and collaborator Stupid Monkey Planet is faring much better with his Church of Primatheism, having hopscotched (it helps if you have a tail) well past me. He's got a ways to go until he's (in-)famous, but he's well on his way. Greenlee Gazette has remained fairly steady, but is not. . .well. . .growing.

I recently found out that I have far more readers than I ever realized, at least here on the main blog. I'd really like to have some of you like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Just click the buttons below to go directly to my pages. You can even follow the Monkey if you must. Thank you for reading, and bring your friends!

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