Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GOP Debate Audience Boos Mitt Romney's Mexican Roots

Romney looks like Ken, Gingrich looks like a Fisher-Price person.
Image from Raw Story.
I avoided the first half of this most recent debate, mostly because I didn't know there was one until it had already started. By that time, I was watching my Rachel, so I saw no point in changing the channel. I did catch some commentary during TRMS, by reading my twitter feed. My feed is populated so many funny politicos and comedians (and porn stars), I can't bear to watch a debate without them. But after Rachel was done, I did switch over. It's the same thing, only minus Jon Huntsman vacillating between being rational, and being a a hard-right zealot. And there is something still missing, what with Cain and Bachmann out.

The one steady thread through most of the debates is the audiences. For the life of me, I do not know why they've turned debates into a spectator sport. These things are supposed to be serious, dare I say it, even sorta classy. Not this year. They've booed and hissed at a gay soldier and a hypothetical dying man, while cheering executions. They might as well hold these things in The Coliseum.


GOP debate audience boos Romney’s Mexican heritage

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may be in the lead in the Palmetto state, but that doesn’t mean South Carolinians necessarily like him.

During a Fox News debate at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Monday, the Republican audience booed loudly after being told that Romney’s father was born in Mexico. . .

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