Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney's Job Creation Greatly Exaggerated

Mitt, hard at work.
I struggled a bit with the headline on this one. I guess Mitt Romney didn't exactly exaggerate as much as he lied by omission. Did the work Romney did result in as many as 100,000 jobs? Yes, sort of. Is that a net total? Not by along shot. It isn't unusual for polticians to lie. But what if they keep repeating it when they know that we know he's lying? I guess we'll see.


Romney on Jobs
Fehrnstrom says the 100,000 figure stems from the growth in jobs from three companies that Romney helped to start or grow while at Bain Capital: Staples (a gain of 89,000 jobs), The Sports Authority (15,000 jobs), and Domino’s (7,900 jobs).
This tally obviously does not include job losses from other companies with which Bain Capital was involved — and are based on current employment figures, not the period when Romney worked at Bain. . .

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