Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Follow Greenlee Gazette on Facebook and Twitter!

Okay, so there's this thing called "Insights" on Facebook. All kinds of nifty information is available there. But I don't qualify, because the Greenlee Gazette Facebook page doesn't yet have enough followers. Which is embarrassing. But not surprising. Even though I get over 200 visitors to the main page daily, in addition to 50 or so RSS readers and unknown numbers of mobile readers, all of those numbers are smallish. I know and accept this. Plus, my Facebook page is relatively new, and has had even less promotion than this here blog thingy.

Still, I want to grow this venture. And I want to help the Stupid Monkey Planet Church of Primatheism grow too (even though his Facebook page has already passed me by). So, I'm trolling again for the both of us. There are buttons on the upper left of the page, and here they are again. Click 'em! Like us! Please? Thank you!

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