Monday, January 30, 2012

Grover Norquist Tries Blackmailing President Obama

I ask for the hundredth time, who the f**k is Grover Norquist? Why is this unelected, irrelevant asshole given any attention by anybody at all? And to have the nerve to threaten the President with impeachment? The gall. Honestly, he's not a Congressman. He has no ability to make good on this blackmail threat unless he also does the same to some GOP Senators or or Representatives, or at least has them at his beck and call.

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I don't want to pay higher taxes any more than you do. But I do know that the "Bush tax cuts" were designed to sunset. They've been extended once, and are due to end at the end of the year. By any real measure, they should all be allowed to expire. But President Obama and the Democrats want to keep those for the middle class in place (whether that is a good idea or not, it is good politics). Grover Norquist isn't upset about that, he's only pissed because rich people would lose their tax cut. It isn't technically even an increase. It is reverted to its original rate, and expiring one year after it was supposed to expire! 

On a side note, I predicted more than three years ago that there would be those in the GOP (and its base) who would attempt to impeach President Obama, or at least make noise about it. As it was with Clinton, it is an impeachment in search of a reason. Any reason--even lying about a blow job--will do. You'd think that since Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama let Bush, Cheney and the rest of that corrupt bunch off the hook, they'd cut him some slack, but no.


Grover Norquist To Obama: Extend Bush Tax Cuts Or Be Impeached 

You almost have to admire the chutzpah of Grover Norquist. For a man with no elected office and lacking the billions of the Koch brothers, Norquist exerts a phenomenal amount of influence on American politics. From his ability to force the entire GOP to pledge not to raise taxes under any circumstances (except on the Middle Class and poor, of course) to his latest act of arrogance in essentially threatening the President of the United States, Norquist is quite sure of himself. . .

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