Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rude Pundit Takes Newt to the Woodshed

I rarely litter the blog with words worse then damn or hell (though I've been known to sneak a few shits and fucks through!). But truth be told, I often censor myself. I've hit the delete key, and replaced a colorful word with one that is less so. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind taking that self-imposed restriction off a little more often. The world today often calls for it. But even if I did, I'd be unable to match the flair and the organic profanity of The Rude Pundit. With or without expletives, he's always on point.


Gingrich Wins South Carolina as the GOP Embraces the Devil

. . .The idea that Newt Gingrich is positioning himself as some kind of Washington outsider is so laughable that it's pathetic. He has physically lived in the DC area for over 30 years. That meeting with members of Congress in 2008 wasn't some kind of anomaly: it's what he's been doing since he was whipped out of Congress by the members of his own party, not by Democrats, not by the elite media he so derides and uses as a safe foil for his own arrogance. The idea that a multimillionaire can position himself as the poor man against Romney is mind-boggling. The idea that he can keep berating the press without anyone in the press calling him on it is just depressing. . .

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