Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich Thinks His Adultery is the Media's Fault

The most memorable part of the Thursday night South Carolina debate will likely be Newt going all "no you di'n't" on John King for daring to bring up Newt's tawdry marital issues. This is the top political story of the day (vying with Rick Perry calling it quits, and Rick Santorum "winning" Iowa, sorta), and was a valid question. Maybe the teabaggers in the audience fell for Newtie's trick, but nobody else should. All through these debates, when Gingrich gets an uncomfortable question, he lashes out at the questioner. It's a great tactic. You might instinctively leap to his defense, he seems so put out. Except that he's a lying, despicable, odious toad.


Newt Gingrich Responds To Ex-Wife's 'Open Marriage' Claims, Slams CNN During 2012 GOP Debate 

Sparks flew on the stage of the CNN debate in Charleston, S.C., Thursday during the very first question. The charges, however, were not directed between the candidates, but between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and debate moderator John King. . .

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