Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vote Satan 2012

Official Campaign Poster - Pass Around Or Die.
The Reverend Stu' & The Stupid Monkey Planet Church of Primatheism have decided to endorse Satan for 2012.

There is no questioning his stance on many issues. As he is the only candidate that has maintained his message consistently... Never a flip-flopper.

His hands-on experience & vast knowledge of the systems are beyond reproach. He has been at this type of work for thousands of years.

Much like Huntsman or even Ron Paul earlier, the media offers very little time for Satan to get his message out. Although he has been present at every GOP debate,  he is most often ignored by the moderators. (Even when it's obvious he is right there.) Yet he remains a very viable candidate, whose name is widely recognized.

Thankfully, his presence is clearly felt, at the debates, each time the audience laughs, cheers & applauds death, blood, mayhem, starving children & evil in general. With that, you can safely bet that Satan was their inspiration.

So, for myself & the church it is a no-brainer. Vote Satan 2012... otherwise beg for mercy & maybe he'll just fucking reap your souls.

All hail & bless Satan. ~The Reverend Stu'

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We're having a bake sale & Bingo on Sunday... And don't forget that we have sacrifices every Wednesday. ~Bless you all.

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