Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rick Perry Leaves the 2012 Race

Oops. Image from source.
With The Little Dumber Boy (™The Stephanie Miller Show), Rick Perry officially out of the race, he will quickly be forgotten on the national scene.* Sure, he may turn up as a throw-away reference if there is another bumbling Texas governor. Or maybe as a Trivial Pursuit question. But otherwise, he's going to slink back to Texas, and I doubt he's going to be very high profile for a while.

So, it's pretty much my last chance to make fun of the guy in any kind of timely manner. Enjoy.

*There is the chance, of course, that FOX "News" will throw Perry a bone now and again, I suppose. Or he could even get a folksy spin-off of the politics-meets-Hee-Haw program, Huckabee.


Rick Perry’s top ten ‘oops!’ moments of his campaign

Rick Perry’s presidential campaign may be best remembered for a single word and an exclamation point.


Perry’s propensity for verbal gaffes contributed to his rapid decline from leader of the pack to also-ran presidential wannabe. . .

Read more at: Perry Presidential

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