Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mitt 1st, Paul 2nd, Huntsman 3rd

Another first: an excited crowd for Mittens. Image from LA Times
First place Mitt Romney wasn't a surprise in New Hampshire. In fact, for a long time, it has been almost a foregone conclusion. The question was, will he win big? Not big enough? I don't think it matters. The optics have him winning twice in a row. That's the biggest head of steam Romney has managed to date in this contest. The big news is Ron Paul in second and Jon Huntsman third. Those are the best showings either is likely to get, unless a massive change in momentum results. I can't picture 76-year-old Paul as President. And I can't picture Jon Huntsman--the seemingly sanest* one of the bunch--winning over the tea baggers.

*Huntsman may be comparatively sane. But his support of the Medicare-killing Ryan plan (among other things) makes him just as unacceptable to me.


Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire GOP primary

Mitt Romney rolled to an easy victory Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary, taking a broad stride toward capturing the GOP presidential nomination as the contest heads south for a pair of potentially make-or-break contests. . .

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