Thursday, January 19, 2012

Republicans Trust FOX "News". ONLY.

Image from Think Progress
I understand that people of different political persuasions tend to view things slightly differently from each other. For instance, I bristle when I hear that MSNBC is the flip-side to FOX "News." I think that is objectively not true (and stand by that), but I also understand that I'm feeling a bit of "I know you are, but what am I?" when I hear it. So, I believe it is probable that the reverse is true. Conservatives who watch FOX probably are a bit defensive about it, and they probably see MSNBC in the same harsh light that I see FOX. They're wrong, but that's not the point.

The point is, they see all media (other than the 99% of talk radio that is right-wing, which somehow doesn't count) as liberally biased, with only FOX "News" speaking the truth. What is that story? You know, the one where the mother sees her kid marching in a parade, and proudly claims that he's the only one in step? Yeah, this is kinda like that. And it gives credence to my theory that conservatives think any media that isn't right-leaning, is de facto left-leaning.


Survey: Republicans Trust Fox News And Nothing Else 

A new PPP poll confirms what many have long suspected — that many Americans get their news from sources that hew to their pre-existing beliefs. . .

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  1. I think you arfe wrong. I cruise a lot of conservative web sites and I don't think i have ever heard anyone use O'Reiley, Hannity or other Fox News on air personalities as sources. I use the Fox News web site because I think they are less biased and report more on the news than offer opinions. I don't think their web site is biased.
    On the other hand, liberals use on air liberal personalities like Schultz, Matthews and the like. I won't mention any names but.....
    (ps, did you take off the code word on purpose?)

  2. This isn't a news site, it's commentary. So, I don't have a problem using Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews to make a point. Rarely (maybe never?) Big Ed. But I also don't see an equivalence, particularly with Maddow vs., say, Hannity. Hannity makes shit up! Rachel, if she makes a mistake, corrects herself, sometimes within the same episode.

    Anyway, some sites (Johnny Dollar's Place, for example) use FOX personalities extensively to make points. I've seen sites that use Glenn Beck clips too.
    FOX Nation is a huge site BRANDED with the FOX name, with clips aplenty. And I'd quibble with's impartiality. But see? We're gonna see that on different angles, aren't we?

    Ps. No, I didn't change anything. But I also don't have problems posting to your blog anymore, and can post to my own from AOL and IE. So who knows. Blogger is weird.


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