Thursday, January 12, 2012

FOX "News" Trots Out Sarah Palin for Her. . .What?

The excerpted article below isn't earth-shattering by any means, though it is well written and entertaining. What made it stick out to me was its pointing out of the obvious: Sarah Palin brings nothing to the discussion. I'd amend that to any discussion. I've been watching FOX "News" (something I rarely do) on a random evening, and seen them trot out Caribou Barbie. It goes something like this:

"Some people are outraged that President and Mrs. Obama have been seen eating Hebrew National hot dogs.  After all, aren't they awfully expensive, in these hard times? And isn't he supposed to be Christian?  Here to talk about it with us today is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin."

"Well, thanks, Megyn, and ya know, back in Alaska and across this great country of ours, people are hurting--goin' to Sam's Club and also discount stores too, and so--but it's all about perception, because, well, those Jewish hot dogs are so darned expensive and elitist, not that I cast any particular apersions though on those Jews, they got on me for that blood libel, don't want that again, anyway, and so. . ."

And on it goes. Actually, my sentence structure is a little too linear for Palin. But the fact is, every answer is a convoluted word salad that sometimes has a little to do with the subject. But she's not an expert on much of anything. To put her on the teevee to spout off on just about any subject is akin to putting on your Aunt Marge. The sheen of celebrity is all she has to offer.


Fox News, your Sarah Palin reminder service

. . .Which brings us to the night’s chief difference maker, Sarah Palin of Fox News. Though you were probably making progress in forgetting about her, she surfaced for an abbreviated segment that got interrupted by Jon Huntsman’s “third place is a ticket to ride” speech. Summoned by Fox anchors Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier to track the primary trend lines, she answered the call in her very own way. That is to say, shallowly and with a touch of narcissism. . .

Read more at: Washington Post

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