Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breaking News: Jon Huntsman Dropping Out of Race

Yeah, I'm a little fuzzy on a couple of these guys.
Interesting. Weird timing, actually, since not much has happened in the last couple of days. And so, the "not-Romney" field is winnowed down before even the third state votes. Huntsman was arguably the most broadly palatable candidate, though he tacked hard right in recent weeks. That really leaves Mitt (who the right hates) and Newt (who has a host of problems). Way to go, Republicans!


Sources: Huntsman to drop out of 2012 race tomorrow, endorse Romney 

Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor who was seen by Democrats months ago as the potential biggest threat to President Obama in a general election, is dropping out of the race tomorrow and will endorse Mitt Romney, a campaign official confirms to POLITICO. . .

Read more at: Politico


  1. Timing is indeed strange, you are correct sir. Today, Huntsman got a newspaper endorsement from the "The State" newspaper.
    But the left loved Huntsman, so who will they gravitiate to next?

    BTW, what do you know about a compatability view button? I can see my entire blog but cannot see the individual web pages or comments that have been let. Either I get a blank page, or the top part of the eb page.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. My suggestion is switching to Firefox. I've stopped using Internet Explorer for blogging. AOL is likewise useless. Firefox has its own little glitches, but I find it much more stable than IE. If I remember right, when I WAS using it, I had to use compatibility view to get the Blogger pages to display properly.

  3. I suspect what happened in the last couple days was that a major donor (possibly Huntsman's father) declined to give him more money to continue the campaign. On the Blogger front, I also use Firefox and can recommend it (and I'm not tech-savvy like James). It's a free download from


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