Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wikipedia and Others to Shut Down for 24 Hours on January 18

In this image, logos of other companies were used to
illustrate the ABC stories. Would that be a violation,
or fair use? What about here?
Don't be surprised if you try to go to your favorite website and find it unusable on Wednesday. Some of them, notably Wikipedia, will be protesting a couple of intrusive "anti-piracy" bills in the House and Senate. In the worst case, if the bills were enacted into law, blogs like this one would be in danger of being shut down. Anything that could be considered someone else's intellectual property could be a violation, and it looks like corporations would be the arbiters. Sounds sort of like a corporatocracy or something, doesn't it? I don't like it, and I don't really care if it's left, right or bipartisan. And the big question: if site owners are responsible for content posted by others, how fast would Facebook and Twitter be out of business?


Wikipedia Blackout: Websites Wikipedia, Reddit, Others Go Dark Wednesday to Protest SOPA, PIPA

Do not try to look up "Internet Censorship" or "SOPA" or "PIPA" on Wikipedia, the giant online encyclopedia, on Wednesday. SOPA and PIPA are two bills in Congress meant to stop the illegal copying and sharing of movies and music on the Internet, but major Internet companies say the bills would put them in the impossible position of policing the online world. . .

Read more (with video) at: ABC News

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