Saturday, January 21, 2012

Obama Wins Nevada!

Image from (not kidding) BlackSnob

Oh, this was a foregone conclusion, I know. But with 90% of precincts reporting, President Obama got 98.3% of the caucus goers' (including moi's) votes. That's pretty good right there. If there were a Democratic backlash, you'd think that it would have shown itself in some sort of protest vote. All they needed in any precinct was 15% to register their protest. Clearly, that barely happened.

Now, on with the Gingrich-gasm. >shudder<


  1. Well over 200 Democratic voters did not vote for Obama today at the caucus. I am sure many more democrats are going to do the same thing.
    Even if a small percentage of Democrats don't vote for Obama, that can spell defeat for Obama in Nevada where it will be a close vote.

  2. 200 out of 12,000? It will have to be razor thin for that to matter.


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