Friday, May 11, 2012

Automotive Legend Carroll Shelby Dead at 89

Image from source, Jalopnik
Awww. I know he was getting up there, but it's still sad that Carroll Shelby has passed. I'm not quite a gearhead (I'm more into the style of a car than its mechanics), but I'm quite familiar with Shelby's many "special edition" cars, from Ford and Chrysler, and of course his own cars. He's a genuine automotive rock star. But beyond that, I loved him for his fantastic Carroll Shelby's Chili Mix! It's been a dietary staple in my home since the eighties! RIP Mr. Shelby.


Carroll Shelby, Automotive Legend, Dead At 89

Before reality TV, and even still to a very large degree now, the best known name associated with performance cars to the average person is Carroll Shelby, and with good reason. Shelby has been considered a legend in the field for decades, and his influence is still strong to this day. He died today at the age of 89, as a result of complications from an illness. . .

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