Friday, May 18, 2012

Conspiracy Corner: Arizona Goes Full-on Birther

This is getting ridiculous. An over-the-top conspiracy theory that has been shot down on every front (don't believe me, go here), still has adherents in important places in government. What is wrong with them? And what is wrong with Arizona?

Certainly not a racist. Image from source,
Think Progress.

There is a fundamental problem with the birther theory, and it is a familiar one if you follow these sorts of things: Occam's Razor. Occam states that the easiest solution is also the most likely. And putting a very pregnant Mrs. Obama in Kenya in August of 1961, having the baby there, and then getting little Barack back into the United States and having two papers post proper birth notices? It's improbable to such a high degree as to be very nearly impossible. The state of communications and travel in 1961 were far, far more prohibitive. And prohibitively expensive. Why would a white woman of limited means travel with her short-term husband to an African country where he actually had another wife? Nobody has found even the tiniest bit of evidence that any of this happened either.And like any good conspiracy theory, everything that is debunked is ignored.

It's preposterous, and it smacks of racism, I don't care if they call me a "race-baiter" for it. No other President has had these ridiculous accusations and baseless charges thrown at him in this way. Are Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney being hounded for their parents' places of birth? John McCain? What is different about this guy, Obama? What, oh what could it be?


Arizona’s Top Election Official Goes Birther, Threatens To Keep Obama Off The Ballot

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett — the state’s top election official — made an appearance on a local radio show yesterday in which he threatened to keep President Obama’s name off of the state’s November ballot unless the state of Hawaii provides his official birth certificate. . .

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