Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say What You Will About Gays. No, Really.

Yeah, this guy has room to talk about matters of
"morality." Image from HuffPo.
I said recently that my conservative mom has tried to convince me that "most" Republicans (and conservatives/Christians/etc.) aren't anti-gay. My mother is naive. The Huffington Post just posted a video slideshow of a huge list of outragously hateful/nasty/wrong/ridiculous things said by prominent conservatives. It is unfortunately not set up to be embedded, but I'm linking to the main story below.

Long story short, conservatives who are opposed to* gay people find it to be perfectly alright to say anything they want about us.  Anything. No matter how dishonest. Or nasty. Or insulting. Doesn't matter, they feel free to just spew. And these people get regular play on FOX "News", CNN, MSNBC, and the major networks. They are treated like royalty at CPAC and other conservative gatherings. They are lauded at And they hate me. Seriously.

Homophobe Roundup!

- Pastor Wooden Says Gay Sex Causes Gay Men to Need Diapers
- Bryan Fischer on Why Gayse are Responsible for the Nazi Party
- Rick Santorum: Why Gay Marriage is Like 9/11
- Linda Harvey: Don't Let Gay Doctors Attend to Your Children
- Matt Barber: "No Evidence" Gays are Targets of Violence, Discrimination
- Stacey Campfield: "Virtuall Impossible" to Contract AIDS Through Heterosexual Sex
- Kevin McCullough: I Don't Believe You Can be Gay
- Rush Limbaugh On Why Gays Should Be Pro-Life
- Scott Lively: Gay-Straight Alliances Are Designed To Recruit Kids
- Tamara Scott: Gay Marriage Leads To Eiffel Tower Marriage
- Michele Bachmann On Gay Lifestyles (vague, but the "lifestyle" bit is a hint at where she's going)
- Tony Perkins: 'If You Want A Military That Just Does Parades,' Allow Gays To Openly Serve
- Pat Roberston: 'Demonic Possession' Behind Homosexuality
- James Robison: 'The Enemy' Is Using 'Glee' To Destroy America
- Newt Gingrich: Gay Marriage A 'Perfect Example Of What I Mean By The Rise Of Paganism'
- Daniel Lapin: Gays Should've Been Quarantined To fight AIDS
- Pat Robertson Advises Father To Seek Ex-Gay Conversion For Gay Son
- Bryan Fischer On How 'Poppers' And Promiscuity Causes AIDS
- Liberty Counsel Warns That Macy's LGBT Policy Could Lead To Rape, Sexual Assault
- Bryan Fischer: Adolf Hitler Was An 'Active Homosexual'
- Alan Osmond: In Defense Of Reparation Therapy
- Victoria Jackson: Homophobia Is 'Buzzword Of Liberal Agenda'
- Ann Coulter Calls John Edwards A 'Faggot'

On the last one, I'd call John Edwards a scumbag. Which might be offensive, but only to John Edwards. This list is mostly posted for people like my mom, who make excuses for the homophobic right. And for all the gay Republicans out there! You know who you are!

Source: Huffington Post

*As a sidebar, I'd really like to know what "being opposed" to the gay really means.  Opposed to our rights as taxpaying citizens? Opposed to our existence? My favorite, is when people say, "I don't agree with the lifestyle," and I'm all, "I don't agree with that sentence." First, it isn't a "lifestyle," that's a euphemism invented for the personals section of newspapers in the seventies. And second, how do you disagree with reality? It's nonsense! Knock it off!

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