Friday, May 11, 2012

Rush Limbaugh, Champion of Traditional Marriage (4 of Them)

Does serial matrimonyist Rush Limbaugh have any business weighing in (hah!) on any discussion on marriage? After four marriages? Really?!? The truth is, whatever President Barack Obama does, says, doesn't say or doesn't do, Limbaugh will turn it into 2/3 of his show on any given day. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad, he'll use it as show material. People are always calling him "talented," and I guess it's true. His talent is turning anything about President Obama into show fodder. Obama could discover a way to turn dirt into bacon, and Limbaugh would say it was a war on pig farmers.


Rush Limbaugh: Obama Leading 'A War On Traditional Marriage'  

". . .I see, we're losing!" Limbaugh snapped. "We've arrived at a point where the president of the United States is going to lead a war on traditional marriage. You wanna call that winning? Your side is winning when the president has to lead a war on traditional marriage? When you're losing in landslides and you haven't won a state?" Limbaugh added that "zip, zero, nada" thought about gay marriage "until [liberals] decided [they] were unhappy and wanted to make everyone conform to the way [they] look at things, even if it meant bastardizing traditional words." Limbaugh stressed that "words used to mean something. . ." 

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