Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wisconsin: Looking for a Reason to Vote Against Scott Walker? Here are 18.

Governor Scott Wanker Walker. Image from source.
Oddly, though Wisconsinites were able to amass huge numbers to get Governor Scott Walker forced into a recall election, Walker seems to be getting support now. What do you know, if people like Karl Rove get their billionaire benefactors to spend gazillions there, it has a measure of affect on the matter.

Regardless, it bears repeating that Walker very, very quickly became very, very unpopular in Wisconsin for taking his 2010 electoral victory, and using it to steamroll every arch-conservative policy ever imagined, though he didn't campaign on most of it. He's one of several of the class of 2010 GOP Governors, but at the head of the class for extreme douchiness (and in this crowd, that is really saying something). I am not confident that the poorer anti-Walker contingent will prevail in this fight, but I hope they do. And there are many reasons. . .


18 Reasons Why The People Of Wisconsin Should Vote Against Scott Walker In The Recall Election

There is an extremely pivotal statewide election coming up on June 5, 2012 in Wisconsin. After turning in nearly one million signatures, the people of Wisconsin have a chance to end Governor Scott Walker’s oppressive regime and replace him with someone more attuned to the needs of Wisconsinites. More than likely, there are voters in Wisconsin who are undecided, but if they need to be convinced to vote against Scott Walker in June, here are 18 reasons why Walker should be kicked out of office in shame. . .

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