Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What if Newt Gingrich Won?

Brilliant illustration from Mother Jones.
This is of course not a serious post. I'm not asking if by some weird record-keeping anomaly that Newt Gingrich may have actually won the primary. Ha! No, what if--in an alternate timeline and/or reality (as in Fringe)--Newt won the Presidency? What would that look like? I think we can count ourselves fortunate that we will never, ever know. But what if?


Gingrich Wins! (An Alternative History)

Wolf Blitzer blinked, blinked again, and tried, for the fourth time, to read the script in front of him. The news had come across the wire just a few minutes earlier, and it still didn't seem real. More like a magical illusion, like the hologram projector they had unveiled in 2008 and then scrapped a week later. He had really liked that hologram projector. To hell with it, Wolf thought. Just tell them what you know. He took a long pause and looked into the camera. "We're watching this very closely," he said. . .

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