Thursday, May 31, 2012

FOX "News" Now Producing Their Own Attack Ads

I'm sure there are FOX Fans out there who would immediately react to that headline with cries of "MSNBC is the same from the left!" and that FOX "News" has Democrats on for counterpoints in a show of "fair and balanced." But there is nothing like this on the left. Even if I conceded--as FOX Fans insist--that all other media is leftward-canted, you'd have to add them all together to even approach the tilt of FOX "News." And here's a hint FOX defenders: MSNBC doesn't have "news" in its name.


Fox News Is Now Producing Its Own Anti-Obama Attack Ads

This morning on Fox & Friends, Fox News aired a straight-up, unadulterated four-minute attack ad mocking Obama's "Hope and Change" message and cataloguing the purported failures of his administration, complete with ominous music, depressing charts, and voiceover audio of Mitt Romney attacking him. Not someone else's ad, mind you—this was actually an in-house production of Fox News, involving weeks of work by a Fox staffer. . .

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