Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama: Romney's Bain Experience Doesn't Qualify Him for Presidency

I had a little trouble with the headline here. Basically, there was a kerfuffle on Meet the Press, where Obama "surrogate" and Newark NJ Mayor Cory Booker criticized President Obama's use of Bain Capital's history on Mitt Romney. Even that sentence is a bit tangled, sorry. Anyway, the President did a pretty good job justifying himself today. Romney's entire schtick seems to be as a "job creator"* at Bain Capital. It has to be fair game, whatever Booker or Romney has to say about it, because Romney has hung his hat on it. Anyway, here's the Prez:

*By the way, whenever I hear a pundit or politician use the term "job creator" (and many, many other terms), I cringe. Because I know--unless they're using it ironically with air quotes--they're a bullshit artist. They're using Frank Luntz's Words that Work, and they have contempt for their audience, hoping to snow them. Unfortunately, they're so repetitive, that it bleeds over into common usage. I hate Frank Luntz, or at least what he does, and what he's done.

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