Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rick Scott Purging Elligible Voters in Florida

Image from Wonkette
Florida's Rick Scott (pricelessly pictured with his lookalike, Voldemort) is one of the odious GOP Governors class of 2010. Though he had a hideous past, and seemed thoroughly unlikeable, he benefited from 2010's dual political realities: disaffected, apathetic Democrats and Tea Party, Obama-hating Republicans. So, we got a whole boatload of arch-right, ideology-first Republican Governors. They all seem to think that being as nasty and mean as possible is the key to political fortunes.

Scott is second only in my book to Wisconsin Governor Scott Wanker Walker for douchiness. And he's proving it now by purging thousands of Florida voters from the rolls under the guise of preventing "voter fraud." Voter fraud is a vanishingly rare occurrence in the United States, but politicians like Scott have used very rational-sounding arguments to ram through many voter rights restricting laws in the short time since they gathered power. But now, Scott is going further. He's purging actual legitimate voters. And if they don't take the effort and time to prove that they are eligible, they just won't get to vote. If they didn't get the memo? Tough. They don't get to vote.

I can hardly think of anything more un-American. And he's getting away with it.


Rick Scott Bravely Purges 91-Year-Old War Hero Criminal From Voting Rolls

Oh look, there they go again! By “they” we mean the Democrats, always crying about voter suppression. Look, is it our fault that their supporters are all vicious thugs, pot smokers, illegal immigrants, white slavers, people whose names end in vowels or “z,” vicious illegal immigrant thugs, and liberals? . . .

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  1. Florida purged its voter rolls of "felons" under Jeb Bush. Many of those "felons" were innocent voters with the same name, or similar names, who lived in the same wards (which just happened to be predominately African-American).

  2. Yep. Didn't Katherine Harris have something to do with it too? I don't know why they aren't raising holy hell over this, and making it front page news. Instead, Rick Scott's spokespeople have pledge to purge MORE people. I think the GOP effort to squelch the Democratic vote all over the country is potentially more worrisome than the Citizens United decision along with union squashing. But all of them together is just horrific.


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