Thursday, May 3, 2012

Right-wing World: Second Scariest Email Ever

I was cycling through my email box this past evening, and what pops up, but the scariest collection of humans--the ones I recognize, mind you--ever in one photo (particularly after I clicked it and it expanded). Don't get me wrong, I have no negative opinion about Tim Tebow. As with Jesus, I am much more leery of his followers. And I think it will be hilarious to watch the rest of those heads explode if Tebow should ever come out of the closet (just a hunch, but I'm often right!). Otherwise, this is a frightening collection of scary, scary people. The former leader of this group, The Christian Coalition of America, was Pat Robertson. He used to seemingly pray that God would wipe out sinners with tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. I think God could do a lot more good hitting this convention!

Glenn Beck (crazy), Jedediah Bila (no idea), Sarah Palin (also too), Mark Levin (apparently a comic book supervillain) Rush Limbaugh (glamor shot), David Limbaugh (coattail rider), Matt Drudge (closet case allegedly!), Larry Elder (who?), Erick Erickson (who whoerson?), Michelle Malkin (horrid), Ed Morrissey (dunno), Tammy Bruce (quisling), Newton LeRoy Gingrich (pantload), Mary Katherine Ham (mmm, ham!), Sean Hannity (moron), Rick Perry (oops), Karl Rove (turdblossom), Thomas Sowell (ugh), Hugh Hewitt (ugh ugh), James Hirson (hack), Mike Huckabee (goober), Tim Tebow (hail, mary!), Fred Thomson (very tired) and Brad Thor (The Mighty Thor! Spare this one, Jeebus!)

Source: CCA

Incidentally, this was my scariest email ever: Scariest E-Mail EVER: Karl Rove is Following Me!


  1. I'd love to take credit, Dan, but that was George Bush's nickname for Rove!

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