Saturday, May 19, 2012

Credit Card Fraud in Scott Walker's Recall Defense?

Gov. Wanker Walker, Image from Addicting Info.
When it comes to Wisconsin politics, I make no claim to be plugged in. Though The Other Half does belong to a union, I never have. And having been raised in a Republican household, I've been told since I was a kid that, "Unions were a good idea years ago, but they've outlived their usefulness." This despite a dad in the firefighters' union! So, my take on the Scott Walker recall effort is in the larger story of the GOP 2010 freshman class of governors. They seemingly uniformly started a lurch to the hard right. This is probably because they've been spoonfed their policies by groups like ALEC.

They ran on the mantra of jobs, jobs, jobs, and then immediately started passing hundreds of anti-abortion efforts, union busting, anti-gay legislation, etc. All of it cut with an edge of meanness, from the governors to the legislators. Only Chris Christie seems to be able to pull this crap, and somehow maintain an aura of popularity. Thankfully, though my state improbably elected another Republican after our previous disaster of a governor, Nevada Gov. Sandoval hasn't blazed a trail of "screw you if you're not on my side." Which is nice.

Hey, Scott! If you get busted, please take him
with you! Image from Kingston Progressive.
Anyway, so Walker was dragged kicking and screaming into a recall election. But because his radical agenda would be so besmirched if he actually got recalled, the money has come a-rolling in. Yeah, yeah, I know the unions have been spending some jack too. But why wouldn't they? They're the ones Walker has been attacking after all. And I don't think they're matching the firepower of Karl Rove (horrible, horrible man) Reince Priebus, and the rest of the GOP cash machine.

Right now, Walker is leading. Not by insurmountable margin, but by enough that he probably isn't sweating too hard just yet. Then again, he might have different reasons to be sweating. There seems to be an unusual amount of corruption around Mr. Walker. Might the opposition (where are you, DNC?), be able to make a little hay out of this?


Scott Walkers New Fund Raising Scheme: Credit Card Fraud?

Many people have had it happen before. You go to the store, attempt to make a purchase for which you have funds in your credit/debit account and get declined. Sometimes this is a mere error. Maybe you made a few purchases that were abnormally large recently. Perhaps you took a trip and they flagged as they often do when you don’t notify them. Or sometimes, as we are now finding out, you may have a fraudulent donation to “Friends of Scott Walker. . .”

Read more at: Addicting Info

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