Friday, May 25, 2012

Nevada Republican Officials Resign After Ron Paul Coup

Don't the PaulBots realize that this man would be in his 80s before
his first term was over? Image from TPM.
Being a Democrat in the state of Nevada, I don't have an inside perspective on the Nevada Republican Party. I can say, that in 2008, the Democratic operation at the caucus I was at was full of energy, organized, excited. And the Republican effort was tepid at best, sparsely attended, and seemingly only attended by people who may have already passed on (RIP). The Democratic effort this time was likewise sparsely attended--Barack Obama was running unopposed--but still fairly enthusiastic. The enthusiasm on the Republican side this time seems to be primarily for Ron Paul.

In fact, though Romney actually won (after much tallying of the miniscule turnout), Paul has taken the delegates. So, the Republican establishment is really shaken up. Without all of this drama, Nevada would be a lock for Romney at the convention. Now, not so much. . .and Paul's army has been pulling this around the country! It is entertaining though!


Nevada Officials Resign After Ron Paul Takeover

For the second presidential cycle in a row, Ron Paul supporters wreaked havoc on Nevada’s GOP, threatening to take over the state party and key county positions by flooding their conventions with supporters. Now mainstream state Republicans are falling on their sword in the aftermath. . .

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