Wednesday, May 9, 2012

North Carolina, Then and Now

Image found at (NSFW)

There is a common argument against comparing the two images above:

"Being gay isn't the same as being black. Race can't be changed. Being gay is a choice."

I'm not sure why people think this is a convincing argument for anything. It is more a justification for bigotry. Here are just a few points I use to refute it:

- Ask a black lesbian if race and sexuality are comparable when it applies to discrimination.
- By saying "race can't be changed," the implication is that if it could be, it should be.
- Being gay isn't a choice for me, or for any gay person I know. Who would know better? A gay person, or a person who doesn't like gay people?
- Even if being gay were a choice, what difference would that make? Religion is almost always a choice. It is surely changeable (not to mention wholly without evidence). And yet it is Constitutionally protected.

Bottom line: bigotry is bigotry. You show me the difference in the above images. Justify it. Own it. Or reject it.

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