Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Obama: Thought Romney Meant it When He Said He Wouldn't Get Bin Laden

Politics leads to plenty of WTF moments, but I was actually kind of dumbfounded when I heard Ed Gillespie (professional GOP election guru) whining about President Obama's ad touting the killing of Osama bin Laden, and pointing out that a President Romney may not have even tried to do such a thing. It's sourced, I remember the source. . .so what's the problem? Gillespie portrayed it as unseemly and out of bounds. Even the allegedly liberal Arianna Huffington called it "despicable."  [Story continues below]

What? Why? Are we to believe that with an opposite set of circumstances, Republicans wouldn't touch it? That they can't/haven't/wouldn't tout anti-terrorism operations in an election? That they wouldn't imply that Democrats might do a worse job? Which issue is the despicable one, the "grandstanding" or the Romney slam?

Image found at Common Dreams.
See, I remember seven stinkin' years of Republican grandstanding and/or fear-mongering using terror, terrorism and terrorists as subjects. I remember a flight-suited Dubya landing on an aircraft carrier, artfully staged to look as though it was going out to sea. There was color coordination, pomp and circumstance, and a big, red-white-and-blue banner reading "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!"  They even made a stinking (doll) action figure out of it! And yet, the mission wasn't even accomplished. Boy, now that was some freakin' grandstanding.

And they say the left has a woody for Obama.
Explain this! Image from Balloon Juice.
I also remember Darth Dick Cheney flat out saying that if John Kerry were elected, we were going to get attacked again! Now that is freakin' dispicable! So, tell me again--especially you, Arianna--WTF is wrong with the ad. But before you do, tell me honestly. . .if George W. Bush had killed Bin Laden, do you think he'd have been quiet and reserved about it? Really?


Obama Defends Attack On Romney: ‘I Assumed’ He Meant It When He Said He Wouldn’t Get Bin Laden

Mitt Romney and his allies have been attacking President Obama for his campaign’s recent video ad, highlighting both his decision to order the raid that killed Osama bin Laden and Romney’s statement in 2007 that he would not have taken similar action given the chance. Romney now says he would have done the same as Obama. “Of course [I would have]. Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order,” Romney said today. . .

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  1. Obama had't did anything wrong,Mitt romney need to understand him.Obama did everything fine with laden.


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