Friday, May 25, 2012

What Happens in Vegas: Siegfried's Roy Accused of Sexual Assault

Sigh. Okay, I wouldn't call this a gay thing exactly. After all, Sigfried and Roy are not officially gay, right? It sounds more to me like a older celebrity sex thing. If Joan Collins groped her chauffeur, would he sue her for sexual assault? Okay, maybe. . .whatever. In any event, after Roy's brain injury (being mauled by a tiger and whatnot), I would think a guilty verdict would be anything but certain. But as a gay Las Vegan. . .well. . .sigh.


I'm pretty sure Death Becomes Her was based on their
life story. Image from FOX "News."
Tape of Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy allegedly sexually assaulting staff being shopped, report says

A graphic video purportedly showing Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy groping his employees is being shopped, according to a report from TMZ. Horn, who was mauled by a tiger in 2003, has been going through rehabilitation to strengthen the left side of his body. TMZ staff has reportedly viewed. . .

Read more at (of all places): FOX "News"

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  1. If I were groped by Joan Collins 40 years ago, maybe not but now????
    But of course this is a "gay thing". Just like the Catholic Church scandal was a Catholic thing.
    I don't think this is a surprise considering past allegations against him.
    Next time, he should hire female aids.


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