Friday, May 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren's 30-second Take-down of Mitt Romney

People are focused on the Scott Walker recall election in Wisconsin, and to date I still don't understand why the national Democrats aren't more invested in it. But for me, the real fight is in Massachusetts. That's where the seemingly eternal Ted Kennedy Senate seat was usurped by super-sexy former Cosmopolitan centerfold, Scott Brown. He's only had a partial term, and is now up for re-election. He's running against Elizabeth Warren, one of the most well-spoken, intelligent, educated, awesome women I've ever seen run for office. I'd vote for her for whatever she was running for!


  1. You do mean the Native American, Elizabeth Warren? If she cannot tell the truth of her heritage, why would you trust her on any other issue?

  2. An odd issue to have become such a seemingly huge issue. My half-sister is either 1/16 or 1/32 Creek Seminole Indian. Legend has it, my step-father's great grandmother (or great-great grandmother) was traded to a Frenchman for a pound of coffee. She (my sister) certainly has the complexion, hair and beauty of a Native American woman. And she and Dad have always talked about being "part Indian." I suppose when there isn't much else to harp on about Warren, they've got to use something.


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