Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Donald Trump is a Moron, Mitt Romney a Chump

This should be embarrassing. This, at least. I know that politics--at least on the Republican side--is scarcely different from professional wrestling. But something should be a bridge too far, something should be off the list. That a buffoon like Donald Trump tries to bigfoot his way into politics is not surprising. But that the now official nominee on the Republican side would actively court Trump's endorsement; to effectively use him as a campaign surrogate. . .that should be embarrassing.

And let me be clear. It isn't just that the Donald is a birther. That's stupid enough, of course. There isn't a shred of legitimacy in that loony nest of self-contradictory conspiracy theories. But it's that he's a bad birther. He loosely strings together snippets of birtherism, mangles them and gets them wrong. He talks about Obama's grandmother saying Obama was born in Kenya. . .but it was a step-grandmother, one who was mistranslated, one who corrected the record in the same interview. And he doesn't just get shit wrong, he lies at the same time. Is there anyone gullible enough to believe that Trump really hired investigators and sent them to Hawaii? Or that if he did (he didn't), he won't talk about it now, because it's "old news?" I know birthers are thick, but even they should see through this clown. And Romney should have backed away long ago.

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