Monday, May 28, 2012

Blast from the Past: ABBA Gold, Pt. 2

As the long Memorial Day weekend comes to a close, I've reluctantly dragged myself back to the computer for my (day late) weekly installment of Blast from the Past. Back in early April, I ran the first part of an ABBA discography. I'm finally getting back to part two. In the meantime, YouTube has changed something, and my old method of posting these clips has been muddied up. If you followed that link, you see what I mean. So, I will simultaneously write part two while figuring out how to post them! Here we go. . .

After SOS, the biggest ABBA song for me was. . .

1. Bang-a-Boomarang, which wasn't a hit song anywhere. But it was on the Greatest Hits album I got at 10 years old, and became one of my favorites. It's actually pretty amazing that it wasn't a hit. The "dum-de-dum-dum" may have been lazy lyrically, but it sure was catchy.

2. Mama Mia followed, and I thought it was a hit, probably because of that album, but also because my babysitter had the 45 and played it endlessly. It was a hit around the world, but barely cracked the top 40 in the United States, maxxing out at 32.

3. Fernando did quite a bit better, but surprisingly still only hit number 12.

4. But the blew the doors off with Dancing Queen. This one is a huge hit, and is often included--oddly enough--on disco compilations from the 70s. ABBA wasn't really disco, but whatever.

5. Money, Money, Money continued ABBA's fascination with repetitive titles, and also again crashed and burned on the US charts, though it was a hit everywhere else.

6. Knowing Me, Knowing You brought ABBA back to the US top twenty.

7. The Name of the Game did just as well, and the song that followed. . .

8. Take a Chance on Me was almost as popular as Dancing Queen.

And with that one, we've really hit ABBA's heyday. The next installment will bring the decline.  But the songs were always good! Meanwhile, welcome back to work everybody! At least we get to start on a Tuesday!


  1. Ssshhh, I like ABBA as well but hated the Mama Mia movie.

  2. Who could blame you? Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan can act, but they can't sing! The musical was pretty good when it played at Mandalay Bay though.


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