Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ask Laura Bush a Question, Go to Jail!

Photo from source, Prison Planet

Perhaps that headline is a gross simplification of the story. You can read below to see the details. But it does point to a trend in our country. Instead of free speech, we have free speech zones. There are now specific times and places where you are permitted to ask high government officials (or first ladies) questions. And then, you must be careful what questions you ask.

Now, I'm sure you could argue that people like the ones in the story below are rabble-rousers, irritating, obnoxious or whatever. The Secret Service has to do some things to protect VIPs, and the line from obnoxious to dangerous might be difficult to discern. But it's starting to seem a lot like our elected officials (and their wives) are some kind of royalty. We're expected to be respectful, polite and deferential. And if we're not, WATCH OUT!


We Are Change Members Arrested For Asking Laura Bush A Question

Two members of We Are Change were arrested in New York last night for asking Laura and Jenna Bush a question. Reporter Matt Lepacek was dragged out during Laura Bush's speech and physically assaulted by police, according to Luke Rudkowski.

News of the incidents has not been reported by the corporate media as of this morning. . .

Read more (with video) at: Prison Planet

Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet for the tip.

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