Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Steven Weber: The Audacity of Dopes

Photo from AOL

I like to run links to Steven Weber's posts at The Huffington Post every so often, and this is--I believe--the second one in about a week. As I've said before, Weber writes like he took my opinions out of my head, and then wrote them out in a much wittier, even more cynical way than I ever could. It must be nice to be multi-talented and good lookin' to boot.

Here, he tackles the aftermath of the Pennsylvania primaries, in his usual pull-no-punches style.


Yay! More of the same! No real change at all! Cynicism and division rule! Huzzah! Vivat! Ya-frikkin'-hoo! [snip]

Should she win the ultimate goal, what do we say about her performance this last year? How would Clinton 2 compare to the eight corrosive years of lethal idiocy of the Bush administration?

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