Saturday, April 19, 2008

John McCain is OLD! But Older than What?

As I said earlier, today is my 42nd birthday. To me, that is not especially old. To a teenager, I'm a fossil. But think what John McCain's age seems like to them. What's older than a fossil?

Now, for many years, I tended to find myself one of the youngest in the room. I've usually had older friends, The Other Half is five years older than me, and on and on. As a consequence, and due to my snarky sense of humor, I've made a lot of age jokes. Many of those are coming back to haunt me when I find myself the oldest in the room. So I hate to cast aspersions on John McCain for his age.

Until you consider that if he were to be elected President in the fall, he'd be 72 when he started, and if he were to get two terms (perish the thought), he'd be 80 when he finished. Combined with previous health issues and a current alleged anger-management issue, this is less about age jokes, and more about mortality reality issues. So whatever you think about this video--and it is in the snarky, jokey vein--it raises real issues.


  1. 42? Damn dude.. you ARE Old...geez. Oh well, give it a few months....maybe you'll be young again. Happy belated b-day

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, you little pipsqueak. You realize what FORTY-TWO means, don't you? We've known each other for THIRTY YEARS. How does THAT grab you?

  3. knew me when I was born? That's pretty cool!

  4. Is there some kind of time warp in Dallas? Some sort of big black hole. . .never mind, I don't want to go there. . .


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