Monday, April 21, 2008

McCain: Tax Cuts Better Than Balanced Budget

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What is with the Republican obsession with tax cuts? I don't particularly like paying taxes either, but I see it as important. We have a social contract as citizens to contribute if we're going to partake. I'd like the roads to be safe and efficient. I'd like the fire department to come to my house if it's burning. I'd like the cops to show up if I've been robbed. All of those things take taxes.

It can be argued that what those taxes go to is wasteful, and often dubious. True. A multi-trillion dollar, pointless war should be at the TOP of that list. More often though, conservatives protest their taxes going for the arts or social programs--all out of the fear that somebody is going to get something they don't "deserve." I guess it comes down to a "we're all in this together" manner of thinking vs. "every man for himself."

John McCain is obviously in the latter camp.


McCain: Cutting taxes more important than balanced budget

Republican John McCain said Sunday that cutting taxes and stimulating the economy are more important than balancing the budget, and accused both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama of supporting tax hikes that would worsen the impact of a recession. . .

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