Sunday, April 20, 2008

Don Siegelman: Karl Rove Must Testify

The Don Siegelman case is convoluted, and a little difficult to follow, and hard to sum up in a few short words. Do yourself a favor if you haven't heard of it, and do a search on The Googles for an education on the matter. Unlike many political stories, this one is actually interesting. The best summary that I can do is that the former Governor of Alabama was seemingly cheated out of winning reelection, and was then railroaded into prison on trumped-up charges by Karl Rove. Interested yet?

Well, Siegelman has been (at least temporarily) sprung from jail, and Congress is interested enough to try to get Karl Rove to testify. Oh please, oh please. . . Here is Siegelman in his own words.

Read more at: Tuscaloosa News

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