Monday, April 21, 2008

Turn Off My TV? No Thanks!

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We've come to that annual time when we're urged to turn off our TVs and do something productive. Well, that's just fine, and I'm sure in general it is a good idea. We've become a nation of sheep in some respects, and a lot of people really need to get some other kind of input.

Just the same, they've picked a rotten time to urge this action. Back in January, when the writers' strike was in full swing, it would have been no problem. TV in general sucked. But now that the slow trickle of new shows has become more of a gusher, it's not worth it. With Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers & Sisters back this week, I've just got to opt out.

Maybe they should do this thing in May, right after the traditional TV season is over. They'd convince a lot more of us then.


A Smart Approach to This Week's TV Turnoff

Today marks the beginning of the 14th annual Turnoff Week, in which we're told to renounce television and computer screens in favor of wholesome activities like family dinners, reading, and sex. (Grown-ups only on that last one, please.) . . .

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