Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bushisms - Laugh til You Cry (Or Vice Versa)

There is no question, George W. Bush has been an absolute dream for comedians. Often times, as Jon Stewart has said, he does the comedian's work for them, and what he says cannot even be made funnier when taken out of context. For we citizens, however, things are a little different.

It's wonderful to have folks like Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and David Letterman to help us find the funny when we've become fed up with Bush and his administration. And this video compilation (with clips often taken from comedy shows) is most certainly funny. But the sad thing is, you could make a montage that goes well beyond YouTube's limitations. Bush has said and done enough stupid and embarrassing things to over-fill a Ken Burns documentary.

The scary thing is, 28% or so of the American electorate finds this man charming. They think his gaffes and general idiocy make him "one of us." I hope we can decide as a nation that a President shouldn't be one of us. I want a President that is smarter and more educated than I am. I want a President who doesn't skip over words in a book that he doesn't understand--he looks them up. Or better yet, doesn't find any that he doesn't understand! I want a President who is the cream of the crop. . .one of our best and brightest.

To me, John "the Economy is not my thing" McCain doesn't fit the bill. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton--whatever you think of them personally--do. Just sit back and watch what "one of us" looks like as President:

And yes, I realize the video wanders off at the end, into divergent territory, but I'm prone to digressions, so I'll not criticize too harshly!

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